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YouTube has over 400 hours uploaded EVERY minute! With over 1 BILLION users online every month! That is 1/7th of the ENTIRE world’s population online! The media platform caters to every audience you can imagine! From gamers, vloggers, sales professionals, artists, designers, product reviews, tech answers, and everything in between.

What does this mean? There is an audience for every niche you can imagine. What is the number ONE problem with so much diversity? Finding your audience and getting YouTube views! We solve that problem with wholesale and discount prices.

How Many YouTube Videos Do You Have Need To Release To Get Monetized?

Let’s break it down into simple terms: 4,000 Hours = 240,000 Minutes

If you release ONE video that is ONE minute in length, that video will need to be watched from start to finish 240,000 times. What are the odds of that happening? Very low! Unless you have an incredibly engaging video!

Even if you have perfect titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnail, AND SEO, most people won’t watch the entire thing.

Buying views is a common practice among professionals. In fact, it’s necessary. Either you are paying in trade, time, or money, it’s happening. This is why optimizing your videos just isn’t enough. APHID offers discounts and even wholesale prices to our Insiders. Pick a plan, get a discount on all premium services for life.

YouTube: Views, Likes, Subscribers, Watch Time

Weather you are just starting out and want to kickstart your view counts and subscriber base, or you have already been monetized and need to keep those views rolling in to keep the money flowing, we have a package for you.

What are views without engagement? Real likes and subscribers with every package.

Real Views

Proudly presenting real views. Wholesale prices as low as $2 per 1,000. These are coming from real accounts and count towards 4,000 hours and watch time.

Video Likes

All likes are from actual accounts viewing your videos. The are FREE with any purchase. We throw your videos into traffic of your niche and guarantee real likes. Discount prices available.

Watch Time

Watch time is MORE important than view counts. We guarantee 75% watch length on all views videos in our database. All minutes count for monetization.

Verified Subscribers

Buying subscribers is NOT common practice with APHID. So, we don’t sell them. We trade them with verified YouTube accounts to accompany the likes you receive.


All orders have a guarantee or a refund is activated.


All orders are placed immediately and numbers vary depending on package


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Real subscribers from active accounts supporting your channel


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From multinational corporations, small brands, and your everyday foodie, they all have an Instagram profile. It is an incredible platform to grow your brand or attract followers with similar interests. Instagram is owned by Facebook. With Facebook being the #2 most visited website in the world, this drastically increases traffic between the platforms with their business page integrations.

The truth is, most followers are purchased! For every real profile like yours, there are 100,000 fake profiles. We have the best pricing!

You Wouldn’t Believe How Many FAKE Profiles There Are On Instagram! we have to embrace this information in order to grow our profile organically.

Every single day there are MILLIONS of auto-generated Instagram profiles for the strategic purpose of looking popular.

That’s GREAT! Who doesn’t to be popular? But, why is this important for you? Because it is a necessary step in rapidly expanding your online presence to attract REAL people interested in your brand or business!

It’s the concept of “It takes money to MAKE money”. In this case, “fake it till you make it”.


Followers, Likes, Views, Impressions, Profile Visits

All brands need an Instagram presence. It’s Where Social Media Influencers are born.

Promote your profile with Insider Program discounts on all premium Instagram services.


The highest service in demand! With wholesale prices as low a $.30c per 1,000 followers, we are the most affordable on the net by far. 1,127,154 delivered per day.


Posting amazing content but not receiving the engagement? Wholesale prices and low as $.6c per 1,000 likes on any upload. Proudly introducing our new AUTOLIKE feature.


Every video needs views! Our wholesale pricing on UNLIMITED views guarantees you receive real engagement. Prices as low as $.6c per 1,000 video views.


What’s the point in having all these likes, views, and followers without the impressions and profile visits to match? Wholesale pricing as low as $.4c per 1,000.


We deliver MILLIONS of likes, followers, views, and comments every day. Fast, reliable, & guaranteed.


Delivery speeds within SECONDS on some services. Generally within the hour


Want ALL female followers from USA? Done and DONE. Get specific, get results.


All services designed to spark real engagement from real people.


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Facebook is the third most visited website on the planet!

2.23 billion people log in to the platform every month. It is still the world’s biggest social media platform, but given recent scandals, the behemoth has been making course corrections. With its renewed focus on meaningful interactions between users, growing a brand is becoming increasing more difficult.

Everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook account. That doesn’t stop us from targeting an audience & skyrocketing businesses.

From Small Time Gamers, Recognized Brands & Your Regular Joe, Facebook Is The Definition Of Social Media

FUN FACT: Facebook removed 583 million fake accounts in the first three months of 2018.

The drive towards accountability is top of mind for the platform. Marketers need to be aware of new transparency standards, including the fact that any ads a Page runs are now easily visible to users.Weeding out the scammy, spammy and fake should mean more room for authentic and relevant brands.

With Facebook taking more aggressive actions towards detecting fake accounts and spam profiles, we pride ourselves in providing real likes, views, and page followers from REAL people in the APHID network.


Video Views, Post Likes, Page Likes, Comments

Having a successful looking business page is essential for creating organic traffic back to landing pages. Appearing successful online is just as important as being successful.


It’s easier than ever share a video on Facebook. Click, post, watch, viral. Wholesale pricing on views as low $.24c per 1,000


Discounted pricing on SLOW page likes. Premium pricing on FAST fan page likes for our Insiders.


Wholesale and discounted pricing on individual posts and video likes for our Insiders


Did you know most comments on business pages are fake? Wholesale pricing on post comments. Spark real engagement


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Twitter ranks among the top social media platforms for the simple fact that 5,787 tweets are uploaded every second by it’s near 500 Million users! Although only 6% of teens believe it’s the most important social site.

Just like any popular social media platform, if used in conjunction with other profiles it can drastically increase sales and generate tons of organic traffic. It’s not easy, but understanding how beneficial this resource is allows us to use it’s reach to accomplish exponential social growth.

Using Secrets The Biggest Names Around Our World Use To Expand Their Reach Is Based In Practice

FUN FACT: 80% of Twitter users aren’t American. Leaving only 20% english speaking.

Top celebrities like Katy Perry, Barack Obama, and Justin Bieber have used this social network to reach their target audience and engage conversation on major collaborations, political issues, and raising overall awareness on sensitive subjects.

When utilized effectively, sales numbers have reached into the thousands on a single post. Looking the part is half the battle.

TWITTER: Likes, Retweets, Video Views, Followers

Every editing option is extremely well-thought to make it easy for you to find and work with. This will shorten the time needed to build your dream website. It’s easy-brizy!


Our competitive pricing and fast turnaround ensures your most important tweets receive engagement


Video views as low as $2 per 1,000. Make sure your uploads are seen by real people.


Get your tweets shared around the world instantly at great prices. Who knows who might see them?


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